I am a musician, producer, and recording engineer.

Started playing drums at age 9 after hearing a drum solo backed by a passing train at a neighborhood party. The train had equal impact to the solo. Earlier memories of my dad singing around the house, my mom’s love of soul music, two family guitarists, and the inspiration of drum line practices heard while biking around the neighborhood. Teen years I started recording with a four-track cassette and a microphone. This meager set-up fueled a handful of solo cassette recordings of percussion, field recordings, and poems read aloud. Music and words became a compass - reliable practices/outlets even in troubled times. That remains true today.

Mid to late teens listening stretched to minimalist music, free improv, jazz, early acoustic blues, roots music, and various styles from Africa and Brazil. I studied ethnomusicology, jazz, and Ghanaian music at UVa and started teaching drums and sound engineering on the side around that time. Later - mid twenties on - circled back to focus more deeply on songwriting, groove, texture and dynamics as vehicles of change over time. Current interests are room acoustics, live room recording, lyrics, and bicycles.