In the works: new studio

In the process of building a new studio that is 600 square feet (20’ x 30’ exterior footprint). I started its design with two primary goals: 1) a great sounding acoustic space (for drums, in particular), and 2) a highly accurate mixing environment. These two goals have some overlap but they also diverge. I’ll go into more about that some other time. Sticking with the design thread here, I decided on one room as I often work one on one with composers/songwriters or in small group contexts where a separate mixing room feels like a hindrance to workflow. And acoustic instruments do well in larger spaces, so instead of chopping the footprint up I opted to keep it open. And tall, near 16’ at the peak.

I’ll document the research and build process here. I’ll be doing the sound treatment and sound isolation aspects of the work myself, and thus far it’s been a rigorous self-education in details. The most interesting part is trying to imagine the sound of a space that does not yet exist.