Dear No One

How do musicians get anyone to notice recorded music amidst the abundance of it all? After laboring for dozens of hours a musician self-releases a song or album. It's a digital release or a CD release by a little known artist, and at its best this release hits the world packed full of hope, hard work, soul. But then what if that moment of impact is greeted by little more than a congratulatory email from loved ones or a rapid downward spiral as the social media announcement blurb is overrun by the next mashable moment? Is this enough? Are musicians expecting too much, putting in too little?

To be an artist who does work for the sake of doing work - what admirable purity of intention. I have been that type of worker in my life and aspects of my musical practice still fall into that way of being. But I also want to have some acknowledgement from beyond my immediate sphere of family and friends. So do you, I know. And you and you. So what do we do with a pebble amidst a flood?