If you do it too much you might mess it up

A lot of music recording happens in phases, one or two instruments at a time. Layers build up. As the work takes shape, you circle back to parts recorded earlier to reevaluate their success. The way of approach in this circling back is very important as this phase of the process is highly susceptible to obsessive attention given to tiny details - a breath mid phrase, a muted string on one note, a single snare drum hit played quieter than the others. In and of itself, this attention to detail is positive and it is in fact an integral part of the music mixing process. But it can overwhelm perspective, making it hard to remember the forest from the tree, that type thing.  

Sometimes when we do something too much or pay too much attention to something its importance becomes unnecessarily exaggerated. Or maybe what was important (the suspected imperfection) is lost in the rigorous refining process. So how do we know when it matters and when it doesn't? How do we maintain perspective on perspective mid-mouse click?