- Collaboration/Production. Co-write or collaborate as producer/artist. Outside perspective on your writing and playing (or not, as needed). 

- Record your music. Live or multi-track. From start to finish or as a supplement to recording done elsewhere. 

- Drums and sound design. Need drums? Want ambient soundscapes? Various approaches depending on the needs of your music. 

- Mixing. Hybrid digital/analog workflow. High quality gear. Competent, flexible, and supportive mixing approach.  

- Mastering. Hybrid digital/analog workflow. Quick turnaround time. Competitively priced.  


Free Union Studio is not another commercial studio. It's a musician's workspace. It's a low key but well equipped space with a bent toward the old school. The goal is to foster an environment that feels open, positive, and encouraging of music. Rates vary depending on services needed. Please inquire HERE for more information. 

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