Matt Wyatt


Started focusing on music at age 9 after hearing a drum solo backed by a passing train at a neighborhood party. Earlier there had been singing, two family guitarists, and the inspiration of drum line practices heard while bicycling around Richmond, VA. Started recording with a four-track cassette and a microphone a few years later. This meager set-up fueled a handful of early solo cassette releases of percussion, field recordings, and spoken word. Journaling started around that same time. Both music and words became a compass - reliable practices/outlets even in troubled times.  

Musical foundations in pop, hip-hop, and rock music. Listening stretched to minimalist music, free improvisation, jazz, early acoustic blues, roots music, and various styles from Ghana, Mali, and Brazil. Then circled back to focus more deeply on songwriting. Regardless, most interested in music that is honest and intentional. And in sounds of the world outside - water, bugs, birds, people, machines ( 

Performed extensively as a freelance drummer (David Wax Museum, Beleza), composer and co-writer (Rhythm Mantis, Frontier Diplomacy, Wells Hanley, Jonah Kane-West), and producer/recordist (FREE UNION STUDIO). Currently based in Charlottesville, VA and current performing bands are two separate duos, one playing Brazilian/Latin music with guitarist Humberto Sales and the other playing boogaloo and original songs with organ player Jonah Kane-West. I also teach individuals and groups on drums, percussion, sound engineering, and songwriting in the studio environment.


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