Matt Wyatt



Free Union Studio is a place to record and mix music. For recording, it is best suited to small groups, solo artists, drum recording, or multi-track style projects. For mixing, the studio is treated for reliable acoustics and it is set-up as a hybrid analog/digital mixing environment (see Gear). Free Union Studio is a place where communication between artist and engineer matters, and where the process itself matters.

Please inquire with information about your project to discuss rates, schedule, etc. Recording equipment is listed here on the Gear page


Past clients of Free Union Studio include...  

Surface Below Media, David Wax Museum, Restroy, Beleza, Dillingham, Frontier Diplomacy, Park Chalk, Wells Hanley, Buzzard Hollow Boys, Dana Radcliffe, Jamie Dyer, Tucker MacDonald, Lauren Hoffman, The Drunk Tigers, Os Magrelos, Dear Black Gold, Vevlo Eel, Matt Bierce, Trevor Bricker, Love & Eggrolls, The Fire Tapes, Cullen Burke, Pralad Ghisingh, Stephen Nachmanovitch & Robert Jospe, Boris Majick, 1920, Kevin Harding & Trio Na Bossa, The Dune Cats, The MotorMelon Gongs, Max Katz/Floom, Mike Sokolowski, MacDonald Family Singers, Lilly Bird, UVA Department of Drama & Dance, Chris Dammann. 

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